Key Automation is without a doubt the most innovative gate automation brand available today. Thats why at our partners only install Key. Quality, Safety, Durability and Innovation make Key Automation the best brand in gate automation today. The innovation at Key is leaving other brands well behind. Just look at the Key night light system for example. Gates and garden lighting can now be controlled directly from either your mobile phone via bluetooth through the new Key Kube app or through the radio remote with your system. We are going to provide you with a full video reel of many aspects of key gate automation. Below you will see motors of the “fastline range”, motors which incorporate the night light system, underground gate systems, sliding gate systems, and a whole variety of unique aspects that really set Key Automation apart from all other gate automation brands.

Just look at the video to the right. This is the Key Automation, Night Light System. This comes built in to many varieties of Key Automation motors. Many varieties of  24 volt LED garden lighting fittings are also available. This system is unique to Key and can also be offered as a stand alone system. You can set up the on board motor lighting to act as a courtesy light when the motor starts up. All of the lights feature darkness sensors and can come on automatically at dusk to the desired darkness setting.

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