is a part of the KCFM Automation Group. Our company is co-owned by Frankie McLoughlin and Brendan Flaherty. With over ten years of experience each in the Gate Automation industry we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer in the areas of Gate Automation installations and sales. Our main focus is to set the standard for gate automation installations throughout Ireland. We are currently the largest supplier of installation resource of electric gates and automation equipment in the west of Ireland and we are rapidly expanding. We have a large number of installers who are now on board and installing throughout the country. We have set a standard for installations and insure that our installers adhere to each and every aspect of our methods of installation. Each and every installation job is fully inspected and tested by either Frankie or Brendan to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied and above all, to ensure that the job is done to the best quality and safety standard. We are currently welcoming new installers on board and are training our installers on a one to one basis to make sure our gate automation brand remains trusted as a quality installation. To ensure that our new customers will have confidence in our work, we have now added a gate automation installation page to our website. On this page we are displaying step by step images of each job as they are completed. This way you can see exactly the type of care and attention we put into your electric gate installation. Our company is based in Ardrahan, Co Galway just off the M17/M18 motorway. If you are an installer who is looking to come on board as a part of our expanding team or if you would like to come and talk about an installation, be sure to get in contact and we would be only happy to discuss.  
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